The Ultimate 5-Axis Machine Tool Solution

ESPRIT meets any industry’s 5-axis machine tool requirements with increased efficiency and optimal finished part quality. With virtual realistic simulation of the complete machine tool environment and an easy-to-program interface, ESPRIT utilizes the full potential of your 5-axis machine tool!

5-axis Benefits

Easy 5-Axis programming for any machine

World-class finished part quality

Machining for any industry

Compatibility with all 5-axis machine tools

Superb machining precision

Accurate, comprehensive part simulation in a virtual machine environment

Smooth CNC machine kinematics

Factory-certified post processors for optimal CNC code

Multiple solutions for 5-axis and special applications

5-axis Cycles

Composite Milling

Multi-axis milling on a custom combination of patterns and tool axes.


Roughing & Finishing

Machine turbines in a single set up.

Channel Roughing

Remove material in a channel bounded by two walls.


Roughing & Finishing

Roughing and finishing the channel between the blades of an impeller.

5-axis Roughing


Z-level roughing on revolved floors.


Roughing & Finishing

Roughing and finishing of tubular apertures.


Cutting along profiles defined by a chain feature, curve, or geometric element.

Swarf Milling

Cutting with the flank of the tool along the ruled surface.

Z-level Finishing

Finishing walls that intersect with an arch or a curved floor.

Machine Tool Solution

ESPRIT’s complete machine tool solution includes the ability to import virtually any CAD file, provide realistic simulations, and deliver accurate G-code. Also included are ESPRIT's factory-certified post processors for almost every machine tool. In addition, ESPRIT provides professional customer support, a post processor file library, macros and add-ins, technical bulletins and discussion forums.

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