ProfitTurning™ is a productive and secure cutting method for high speed lathe roughing cycles. This new technology is based on an engagement control strategy and tool selection. ProfitTurning™ helps eliminate the adverse effects of traditional turning methods.

ProfitTurning™ Benefits

Triple tool life

Ideal for cutting hard materials and super alloys with thin walls

Reduce cycle time by 25%

Reduced vibration and irregular cutting forces

Reduce cost per part by 60%

Higher feed rate and side loaded cutting

Near constant chip load

Alternate cut direction with smooth transitions

Advantages of ProfitTurning™ over traditional turning methods

ProfitTurning's innovative lathe roughing strategy helps eliminate the adverse effects of traditional turning during Roughing and Grooving cycles. ProfitTurning™ enables manufacturers to make more efficient cuts with consistent chip loads and cutting forces, thereby reducing tool wear and decreasing cycle time. This is achieved using a new toolpath algorithm based on an engagement control strategy, which allows for consistent cutting forces universally, and achieves the highest level of productivity.

Traditional Turning Method

1- High radial engagement entry 2- Sharp direction change


1- Regular ProfitTurning™ pass 2- Trochoidal area 3- Roll-in 4- Smooth transitions 5- Trochoidal pass is always connected smoothly 6- Corner picking

Put to the Test!

Comparative testing of ESPRIT ProfitTurning™ was completed against conventional turning methods in collaboration with ESPRIT machine tool partners. The results proved very successful, and indicated a large reduction in cycle time using ProfitTurning™ as opposed to conventional cutting methods.

ProfitTurning™ White Paper

Read our ProfitTurning™ white paper for details on the new technology's benefits for manufacturers, and to learn why ProfitTurning™ is more effective than traditional turning methods.

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