Lights, Camera, CAM!

In-depth coverage and videos of some of our customers, along with supporting resource materials and webinar training.

"With the intelligence of the default technology and process technology, I can teach ESPRIT to program features how I want them programmed. "

— Spencer Burns, 3 Points Aviation

"With ESPRIT, it's two to three mouse clicks instead of hundreds of clicks."

— Chuck Berg, Chief Operations Officer

"People don’t just consider themselves lucky to get quality. It’s an expectation."

— John Dickes, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

"With ESPRIT, it's two to three mouse clicks instead of hundreds of clicks."

— Nathan Ellinger, CNC Programmer

"We can grab whatever machine we like when we go to a machine-tool show, and we know right away that programming is not a concern. We know we can do that."

— Nate Price, Lead CNC Programmer

"ESPRIT's propagation features, knowledge-base strategies & clean post processors make it simple to run my five different controls unattended."

— Jay Crumb, EDM Specialist

"ESPRIT ProfitMilling saves us a great amount of time on any of our roughing. We can do full depth of cut, have longer tool life, just overall be more efficient and productive."

— Hung Tran, Shop manager and Programmer

"We got our first seat of ESPRIT whenever we outgrew our first CAM system. That’s taken us to a completely different level."

— Justin Doyle, Programmer

"ESPRIT has helped us use our machines to make parts they’re designed to make."

— David Green, Programmer & Manufacturing Engineer

"We require plenty of automation, and that's why ESPRIT has been good for us."

— Dan Westwood, Methods Department Supervisor

"We have to have a CAM system that can generate code correctly the first time — and that's ESPRIT."

— Bob O'Rell, CNC Programmer / Machinist

"With the ESPRIT KnowledgeBase™, tasks that used to take hours are now automatic."

— Daniel Parry, Manufacturing Engineering Technician Specialist